The vivo Y11 Price

Unleash the power of the latest technology in your fingertips using the groundbreaking innovation known as the vivo Y11 smart phone. With an incredible display, incredible camera and strong processor, the new Vivo Y11 is an excellent mobile phone for every moment on the go. The powerful chipset enables the Vivo Y11 to act like a miniature computer in your pocket. The result is a phone that acts like a desktop PC when you need it to.

With the vivo Y11, HTC vivo y11 has once again produced a smartphone that comes preloaded with Windows. Many of the smartphone brands have moved away from employing Windows programs in their smartphones and the technology has been taken over by other manufacturers. However, the Y11 once again uses the same OS as the iPhone and Android devices and this means no difference in the performance. With Windows preinstalled on the vivo Y11, you also get a built in browser and excellent Internet connectivity.

With the previous smartphones, many complained about the slow processing speed and this was due to the slow RAM of the gadget. However, with the new Y11, this problem is not there at all. The powerful chipset of the vivo y11 enables it to run all the apps that you want to run without any problems whatsoever. Moreover, the large display size of the handset also ensures that you get plenty of bright colors to view the screen. The battery life of the phone lasts for quite a long time and hence you can enjoy the maximum usage of the handset. The HD resolution of the screens ensures that you do not miss out on watching your favourite programmes and videos.

Apart from the battery capacity, the pricing of the vivo y11 should also be considered. The handset costs almost half of that of the iPhone 4S and even when you add up the price of the contract along with service, you do not come close to the iPhone’s deal. The pricing of the vivo y11 has come down from its original launch price of Rs 15,000. This is quite a huge reduction and most consumers have responded well to this. In fact, the company has also reduced the pricing further by removing the contract from the equation.

There are several other advantages of the vivo y11 aside from its impressive battery capacity. The device comes with a very compact design that fits perfectly in your pocket. It is extremely light in weight and this makes it easy to use as well. This handset has a huge storage space as it has over 20GB of files and apps on it. To add to all the fantastic features, the handset comes with all the latest mobile games. This simply means that you will never be bored with your activities after using the vivo y11 as you can download all the new games for free.

All these features and functionalities have made the vivo y11 smartphone one of the most sought after mobiles in the UK market. The price of the device is a steal as it is just around the half of the iPhone and it has many extra advantages. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to buy a contract and this means you save hundreds of dollars every month. The handset also offers excellent music and video capabilities and all these are for free. With so many advantages, you can be sure that the price of this smartphone is worth every penny and this is the reason why it has been a success in the UK market.

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